Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Twits who Tweet and Thoughts on Harvest

In my last blog, I promised to let you know when harvest was in full swing so you could plan your trip to Napa to witness it first-hand (actually I think I said "to clog up the roads" which wasn't very nice, but whatever). It's here. Enough said.

Today's beef: I have to admit I don't get this whole 'tweet on the status of harvest' thing. First, don't get me started on how stupid the word "tweet" is - it reminds me of that cartoon, and honestly, I was always rooting for Sylvester to take Tweety out. Anyway, last year, I was asked to comment about harvest on the Napa Vintners blog - which I was happy to do. It seemed like no one was really into it, and they needed someone so I was happy to be the nice guy for once. This year, I can't get over how many wine people seem to feel the need to post or tweet about harvest stuff, and I have to say it's really not all that exciting.

Here's an example - a recent tweet by a vineyard owner - "temp 82 today and mostly sunny". Ok, raise your hand if you think this is interesting.

{loudspeaker announcement}
"Attention Mr. Twit Who Tweets: NO ONE is interested in our weather except us farmers and we're obsessed".

Instead, weather is one of those safe subjects people talk about at the Thanksgiving table when they have nothing else to say to their mother-in-law who's latest plastic surgery went badly and now is unable to close her lips while eating.

So, I'm wondering... what could be said about harvest that's so interesting it should be blasted to the world in a 140-character message? "We're picking today"??? Big deal. You know who gets all excited about tweets? A 16 year old who can't wait to find out what Lindsay Lohan has to say about her latest body cavity search. Get it? Harvest tweets need to be a lot more juicy (no pun intended).

Here's one I think would work.....

"Faithful see image of Virgin Mary in Rutherford cabernet cluster. Thousands flock to Napa Valley only to complain its sacramental wine is high in alcohol and lacks balance."

I admit, maybe it's a little too Enquirer-esque. But I think you get the idea. Can't we make harvest tweets and posts a little more exciting.... or is it that too much information about anything is really just plain 'ol boring.