About the Author

Only a few men can be credited with developing most of the vineyards that grace Napa Valley.  Jim Barbour is one of them.  In his 30+ year career, he planted or managed some of the Valley's most prestigious properties, including Grace Family, Blankiet, Hundred Acre, Pride, Cain, DR Stephens, Barnett, Hourglass, Revana, Von Strasser, Amuse Bouche, and many more.
Jim was raised in Napa Valley and grew up working on his family's ranch in Rutherford.  He received a Bachelor of Science in Plant Science (Viticulture) from the University of California-Davis.
After working with one of the Valley's most respected viticulturalists, Laurie Wood, Jim founded Barbour Vineyards, a full-service management company that currently maintains over 500 acres of wine grapes.  It is a practitioner of responsible and sustainable farming practices and has a rapidly growing business of clients looking to adopt organic farming practices.
Jim and his partners, Nate George and Jesus Rios, work side-by-side with Napa's top winemakers, including Celia Welch, Thomas Brown, Philippe Melka, and Heidi  Barrett.