Monday, August 9, 2010

Montezuma and Lawnmowers

Don't you just hate it when friends come back from vacation and send you their stupid pictures and drone on and on about all the fun they had? So do I. So I won't bore you with any details about my vacation except to say you shouldn't believe anyone who says it's now safe to drink the water in Mexico.....

I just got a call from a client who wants me to send a crew to do some landscape work at their (very spacious) estate. God I hate that. I'm already a grump-ass (literally - see comment above regarding Montezuma) -- so go ahead, make it worse.

I don't get it. Don't people understand the difference between a vineyard worker and a gardener?? Do I need to paint a picture??

Oops, well ok. I can see where there might be some confusion. They're usually both young, brawny guys who seem to work miracles with plants. But that's where the similarities end. Gardeners prune roses. We prune grapevines. Gardners pick weeds. We pick grapes. Gardeners show up at your house with one of these

See??? That's called a "l-a-w-n-m-o-w-e-r". That, along with a leaf blower, gets you what's called a "mow and blow". We don't do that. Trust me, I'd be the last person I'd ask to do any gardening work. I'd pull up all your prized roses, rip out all those flowering bushes and plant some good 'ol Cabernet. Now that's what I call a great landscape!

Back to grape farming....

We've finally starting picking grapes - just Sauvignon Blanc - after having been at least two weeks behind all season. But there's still not alot of action going on in the Valley yet. So stay home - I'll let you know when all the grapes start coming in so you can jump in your car or hop on a flight to personally witness crush and clog up our highway.

But you'll be all happy to know that despite the cool weather and one 110 degree day, this year's crop looks good, and we will yet again put out another decent vintage. The only problem is I've got a bad feeling all this fruit is going to ripen at the same time and it's going to happen right when I've planned to head to British Columbia to hunt. Crap! (sorry, I don't mean to keep bringing up Montezuma)

Stay tuned next time when we debate whether Chlorox is really, truly effective in combating mildew in the vineyard.....

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